Denon DP-62L Arm Upgrade Project

View of restored DP-62L lift (note existing RB300 cueing behind restored Denon cueing)

The above small video shows the cueing in operation. The tonearm was placed over the lead-in and the "33" button was pressed. The platter started, was up to speed and locked within 1/2 of a revolution and the tonearm was automatically lowered. I then pressed the stop button and the tonearm was automatically raised and the platter was stopped.

This was step two of three phases of the arm upgrade. The final phase will be the reintroduction of the end of LP auto shutoff. As of this writing the end of LP implementation is challenging only in that it required a bit of fabrication. The optocoupler has been tested and once the proper fabrication is accomplished the end of LP will operated as it did on the stock DP-62L.